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Lisa Larson, documentary feature film, composer (WIP)

Lykke Post Partum, drama feature film, composer (WIP)

Mørkeland (Kingmaker), political thriller feature film, SAM Productions & META FILM Productions, co-composer

Ifrån Mig, art/horror short film, co-composer (WIP)

Lyft, art/dance short film, composer (WIP)

Baby Brown, drama/comedy short film, composer (WIP)

She Grew Up At Midnight, drama short film, composer



Buckethead, drama/art short film, composer

Sista Versen, drama short film, composer

Houseplants, drama/comedy short film, co-composer

Se Mig Ikväll, drama/comedy short film, composer

Take A Seat, drama/comedy short film, composer

Tyranniet, drama short film, composer

A Very Friendly Search Party, comedy short film, co-composer


Dear Beloved, art/dance/poem short film, composer

Julehjertets Hemmelighed, christmas calendar tv-series, composer's assistant

Julemandens Datter 3, family/drama feature film, comp. additional music

Felix og Åmanden, drama TV-series, comp. additional music

Master's project, feature film re-score, composer

Northern Sun, poetry short film, composer

Starfall, video game, co-composer

Brewitched, video game, composer

Shell-Yeah, video game, co-composer

Puma "She Moves Us", commercial, composer

Locker Room Talk, various commercials, composer

Hälften Mitt, drama short film, co-composer


SWEP, commercial, composer

RHO, commercial, composer

Kanvas, video game, co-composer

ANTI, video game, co-composer

Flora Forager, video game, composer

Bestämt Tid, drama short film, composer

Ditt Största Fan, drama short film, composer

Tänk Om, drama short film, composer

Malmö Noir, drama/comedy feature film, sound designer

Dale The Dragon Detective, video game, composer

Blomstertid, video game, composer

Elsie, drama short film, composer

PIZZA BOY, drama short film, composer additional music

Varvstaden, commercial, composer

The Laments Of The Fall, Symphony Orchestra Piece

La Tormenta Sueca, comedy/drama TV-series, co-composer

Horunge, drama short film, composer

Exponerad, drama short film, co-composer

In House composer and music producer at 376 Films, Malmö 2021+


A Search for the Nature of Falls, album, 25th Dec 2020

Inherit, horror short film, composer

Outposts, single

Ett Minne, chamber orchestra piece, composer

Madonna Nera, fashion/art short film, composer

Coola Pappor, drama short film, composer

2016 - 2019 (highlights)

Remembrance, poetry animation short film, 2019, composer

Return To Earth, album, Nov 2019

Rondane, string quartet piece, 2018, composer

An Escape From Human Footprints, album, 16 Dec 2018

Stella, drama short film, 2018, composer

Oedipus el Rey, drama theater show, 2016, composer

Aramis Silvereke

Freelance film & game composer


In-house film composer at 376 Films:

Lead game composer at ATEMAS:


Born on Gotland to an artist mother and composer father.

There’s a picture of Aramis, seven years old, laying in a hammock listening to the soundtrack of The Lord Of The Rings films at his family's residence at the foot of a mountain in northern Norway — this is where his goal was set to become a film composer. Since then he has been on the path of playing and writing his own music. Aramis' ambition is to create the most vivid and heartfelt musical landscapes that audiences would want to return to and he strongly believes that every unique story should have its own musical world.


As a film & game composer Aramis is fascinated with creating raw and imaginative musical landscapes. After he graduated from a master's in composition for film & media he has delved deeper into the craft of film scoring. During the last 6 years he has been forging his own sound by experimenting with the sounds of the piano & string instruments within multiple studio albums. These works did often lead to the blending of genres and timbres such as neoclassical, orchestral, jazz and electronic. Outside of these experiments Aramis has a long background in alternative pop, rock and sample-based music, playing guitar in multiple bands, playing jazz guitar in a big band & nerding about fingerpicking and classical guitar.

Aramis recently completed work on the feature film Mørkeland (Kingmaker) and is about to start up work on the drama feature Lykke Post Partum and a feature documentary about the ceramicist Lisa Larson. Previously he has worked on this mini-series Felix & Åmanden and additional work on the feature film Julemandens Datter 3 as well as a large amount of short films, video games and commercials.

Currently residing in Malmö & Stockholm, Sweden.


Lund University - Musikhögskolan i Malmö, Sweden

Master's in Composition: Music for Film & Media
Private teachers Nicklas Schmidt & Daniel Fjällström

Masterclasses from Jon Ekstrand, Lisa Nordström, Gaute Storaas, Bent Sørensen, Patrik Andrén, Pessi Levanto, Staffan Storm and more. 

Örebro University - Musikhögskolan i Örebro, Sweden

Bachelor's in Music: Composition

Private teachers Simon Schierup & Staffan Hedin

Masterclasses from Tebogo Monnakgotla, Anders Ekman and more. 

Glendale Community College - Phoenix, Arizona

Associate in Performing Arts: Music, Guitar

Private teachers Chuck Hulihan & Dr. Robert Albury

Masterclasses from Thibaut Garcia, Johannes Möller and more.


1 Year Work Grant 2023 - Swedish Arts Grants Committee

For continuous work within the Swedish film industry

Best Audio 2023 - Berlin Indie Film Festival

For the music & audio in the short film "Dear Beloved"

Nomination Best Composer 2022 - Cannes Short

For the music in the short film "Elsie"

Scholarship 2022 - Royal Swedish Academy of Music

For continous studies within film music

Best Audio 2021 - Swedish Game Awards

For the game "Dale The Dragon Detective"

Scholarship 2021 - Anders Sandrews Stiftelse

For continous studies within film music


Meritorious Achievement in Composition for Theater 2016 - The Kennedy Center

For music written to theater show "Oedipus el Rey"

© 2020 by Aramis Silvereke.

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