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Star Fall

At the dawn of the universe, close to the eve of corruption, all hope seems lost until a wish upon a star gets one last chance to divert fate and challenge the face of evil.

Play as an ethereal being dropped from the cosmos in the shape of a heroine. Amass power by vanquishing corruption and use stardust to upgrade your abilities. You will need them before the final battle...

Now go, save the universe! Then do it again.

Composers: ATEMAS aka Alexander Westlund, Elvin Matz & Aramis Silvereke


Conquest Reimagined

A reimagination of the classic Lord Of The Rings Conquest game.

Role: Lead Composer



Blomstertid is a holiday adventure and platformer game set on a small island in the Swedish archipelago. 

Role: Lead Composer

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 13.14.21.png

Flora Forager

Flora Forager is a small adventure and farming prototype set on a futuristic planet in space.

Role: Lead Composer

Flora Forager Cover01.jpg

Dale The Dragon Detective

Dale the Dragon Detective: Murder at Dungeon Mountain is a story-driven adventure platformer, with collect-a-thon elements, set in a colorful Dungeons & Dragons-inspired world.

Role: Lead Composer

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 13.25.00.png

ATEMAS - Game Music Composer Group

I am also one of the co-founders of ATEMAS, a game music composer group. Our mission is to, through collaboration, expand the possibilities of making adaptive & specialized music for games. My co-workers are Elvin Matz & Alexander Westlund. 

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© 2020 by Aramis Silvereke.

© 2020 by Aramis Silvereke.

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